Who is Marshmello? Jauz X Dotcom

Will the real Marshmello please stand up!

This is an article that was originally published to Ultra Vulgar Super Fiend in 2015, just as Marshmello’s music started to gain traction. How it was at some point unpublished remains a mystery, but due to overwhelming interested I was able to track down the first draft that Tony sent me when he first had the idea to unmask Marshmello. Keep in mind that I wasn’t able to find a lot of the evidence that we later turned up, like the voice comparisons, but for what it’s worth I hope you enjoy this article in its original form.

With all the new music that’s flooding the dance scene, one name stands out among the rest. Ill give you a hint, this mysterious producer(s) has been gathering around so much fire that you just cant help but to embrace the blazing beats and enjoy this Marshmello.  Why do most people assume Marshmello is one person? If that’s the case then I guess Headhunterz is two people. Most have speculated that this producer(s) is none other than Dotcom (Chris Comstock). Not ruling anything out that Dotcom has something to do with the ‘Mello Project’. But a lot of evidence point to the fact that Marshmello may be two people, a “Marsh” and a “Mello”. Well let us look over some of the evidence pointing to Dotcom and the speculation that ‘Mello’ may be more than one person.

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Mello shares the same Management as Sikdope, Dotcom and Jauz: Moe Shalizi of Red Light Management. All three of these producers highly support Marshmello on Soundcloud and other social platforms and vise versa. Some people rule out Jauz because he has a different talent agency than the rest (AM agency), so that leaves us with Dotcom and Sikdope (Circle Talent Agency). We can rule out Sikdope because of his Hardstyle/Trap production style that doesn’t quite resemble Mello’s. Dotcom has a similar sound that does mimic Mello and it shows in his Trap track ‘Bass Rocker’ and again in few other songs, but his production quality and style just don’t quite match up to Marshmello’s either. Does that really matter though? Well ask yourself this… If Marshmello’s music is produced and tweaked to be that much better than Dotcom’s, then why would Dotcom save all of his best work for a side project that he didn’t know was going to get this popular?

who is marshmello Marshmello unmasked

In a recent Skrillex interview with Katie Couric, Skrillex’s cell phone received a call, Katie grabs the phone and looks at it and says “it’s Chris” and Skrillex says “oh Marshmello”.  Skrillex answers the phone mid interview and emphasizes multiple times that his name is “Marshmello”. First off I do not know the relationship Katie has with Skrillex, but who just answers the phone of the person they are interviewing?! And secondly, Skrillex answers the phone no problem and talks for a few. If they wanted to be secretive about the ‘Mello Project’ he would’ve told the production crew to delete that part out, it just doesn’t make sense. Tarragona new fair go casino (1)

who is marshmello Marshmello unmasked

So back to production style, who can easily compare to ‘Marshmello’s’ style and is close friends with Dotcom?… JAUZ (Sam Vogel). Our Speculation shows that it is Dotcom and Jauz together. The evidence is in plain sight. Marshmello’s Soundcloud consists of the producer‘s original tracks, but a few months back he shared Jauz’s hard summer mix (only piece of non-Mello music on Mello’s S.cloud profile) and then few days after he unshared it like it never happened. Coincidence, maybe? Now all that remains on Mello’s Soundcloud of another artists work reposts of two of Jauz’s tracks: ‘Rock the Party’ & ‘Deeper Love’. indian brand for ivermectin (3) On Marshmello’s Facebook there is a crowd perspective video post of a Jauz set that says, “this Jauz collab is one for the Books!” games like huuuge casino Heilbron (4) What is so special about this collab? Why is this one for the books? Mello also posted a video from the Jauz’s DJ booth saying, “Collab with the shark boy JAUZ has been getting a lot of love! #mellogang”,  evolution gaming blackjack Jiménez (5) Whats weird about this is that the videos are of two totally different songs. We think Marshmello made a mistake, or was this done on purpose?  Hmmm it feels like this whole group of musician friends is playing a game of back and forth with us. Okay Okay so if we haven’t convinced you that Marshmello may be two people… Just take a look at Jauz’s logo upside down… It’s Marshmello’s logo.

-Written by,

Tony Bartilucci & Joey Torro

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