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These are the Million Dollar Homes of the Highest Earning Authors in 2022

Gone are the Thoreauian days of the starving writer archetype who lives a simple life in squalor and solitude. Considering the expansive reach of today’s publishing industry, coupled with the growing number of effective and accessible book marketing tools, modern bestselling authors are able to enjoy a life of luxury, wealth, and extravagance.

This is one of the three things I remind myself of any time I feel my motivation starting to slip or I begin to doubt myself.

Next, I remind myself that even the most successful, bestselling, and highest-earning authors in the world all started out the same way all authors do: As one person writing a book. When they set the pen (or laptop) down, every chart-topping author is still just an ordinary person, like you or me, and the only difference is that they put in a lot of hard work, improved their writing craft, learned everything they could about the publishing industry, chose the right people to work with, and kept up with the ebb and flow of literary trends over a much longer period of time.

Lastly, I often remind myself that if they can do all of those things, anyone can.

I want to share another fun little activity that helps keep me motivated and focused on my writing. Since I’m currently in the process of buying a house, sometimes I will do a little light internet stalking and look at the multi-million dollar homes of the highest-earning authors.

These are the luxurious homes of the highest earning authors that every self-published author needs to see.

For authors who are just starting their careers as professional storytellers, the first few years can also seem like the darkest. Many new authors are working a full-time job in addition to working at their self-publishing career to the point where they start to make enough money selling books to replace their day job.

With the proper marketing strategy in place and a lot of perseverance, any author can turn their passion for writing into a bottomless pit of cash. Unfortunately, a staggering number of aspiring authors don’t make it to the majors. That’s why in times of doubt it’s helpful to look to those who embody author success for motivation.

Below are the homes of the highest-earning authors in 2022.

JK Rowling ($1 Billion+)

Edinburgh, Scotland

James Patterson ($800 Million)

Palm Beach, Floria

Candy Spelling – $600 Million.

Century City Penthouse

As some of you may remember, Candy Spelling famously sold her sprawling Holmby Hills “Spelling Manor” on HGTV a few years back. This was what the place looked like.

Paulo Coelho ($500 Million)

Geneva, Switzerland

Stephen King ($500 Million)

Bangor, Maine

John Grisham ($400 Million)

Oxford, Mississippi

Nora Roberts ($390 Million)

Boonsboro, Maryland

Danielle Steele – $385 Million

San Francisco, California

Danielle Steele also owns a luxury apartment in Paris, France, where she spent the bulk of her time quarentined in 2020.

where does tom clancy live

Tom Clancy ($300 Million)

Calvert County, Maryland

R.L. Stein ($200 Million)

Bexley (near Columbus), Ohio Apartment

Dean Koontz ($145 Million)

Newport Beach, California

Williams Shakespeare ($15 Million)

Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

Are you shocked to see old Billy Shakespeare on this list? You shouldn’t be. William Shakespeare is the bestselling author of all time by a significant margin (if we’re counting sales by volume, not value) . Sttill, William Shakespeare takes home the lowest rank on our list. Although Shakespeare’s most valuable and popular works are all public domain, his estate is still worth around $15 million in 2022.

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