Standard Operating Procedure Examples & Templates

Standard Operating Procedure Examples & Templates You Can Download at the Bottom of This Post.

  • Customer Service Representative SOP, Product FAQ, and Training Manual for my multi-million dollar nootropic supplement company, S4W.
  • Highly detailed Shipping & Fulfillment SOPs for my various eCommerce businesses that any product-selling brands can copy.
  • An easily reproducible SOP for how to find influencers, podcast guests, and increase authority in any industry.
  • A step-by-step detailed specs SOPs for podcast producers.
  • Sales & Marketing SOP for DESIRES, a boutique hotel experience by the company Tecton Hospitality.
  • An Operational Business Plan Guide by Alarm Capital Alliance
  • Day-to-Day SOP for a sanitation company.
  • More SOPs for various functions within many different industries.

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One of the things I dread most about scaling up and new business or brand is creating the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs.

Each business has a very specific way of how they do things, and creating Standard Operating Procedures is the only way of hiring and training new employees or contractors.

Learn More about Standard Operating Procedures in
3 Days to Launch, 1,000 Days to Mastery: Business & Personal Brand Marketing

Maybe your brand already has a lot of employees, or maybe you only use a handful of contractors to complete the tasks that you don’t want to do. Maybe you’re a lean brand that doesn’t plan on hiring any additional help in the future, or maybe you’re a self-sufficient solopreneur wearing many hats.

All of these different business structures have worked for brands that became incredibly successful after they launched. But, in my experience, every brand I’ve worked with end up making it past the 3-year Branding Benchmark, and every brand I’ve worked with has hired more employees and/or contractors than they initially planned for at launch.

The one thing that all of these hyper-successful, million-dollar brands have in common is that they’ve all had a plan – a roadmap that allowed them to become successful and quickly scale because they had a detailed strategy planned their growth and success.

I see a lot of other businesses waste years and years trying to figure out who they are and where they’re going, and these guys get nowhere because they don’t have a plan.

The easiest way to succeed, grow, & scale is to schedule a consultation today and get your 3-year brand success plan.

It’s attention to every detail that separates the many profitable brands from the handful of world-famous brands. For the former, attention to detail on every brand touchpoint is critical, but for the later, a great amount of attention goes into perfecting details at the operational level.

This is where Standard Operating Procedures come into play, and having these standard operating procedure examples can save you days of toil.

As brands grow larger, hire new employees or contractors, and inevitably scale to an internationally recognizable brand, everything becomes a lot more complicated. More employees mean more managers, more managers means more departments and sub-departments, and so on and so forth. Your brand’s SOP, also sometimes called a Training Manuals, is akin you’re your brand’s bible.

If a brand continues to grow and scales large enough, after a certain point, the SOPs that were (hopefully) created years and put in place years ago will be the glue holding everything together.

But that’s the thing about scaling. If you have a massive organization that’s been successfully growing for years, creating and implementing new SOPs isn’t even possible.

Standard Operating Procedure Examples & Templates

Instant Access to Dozens of Standard Operating Procedure Examples & Templates Below:

How to Format Your SOP

There really is no wrong way to create your brand’s SOP. Many brands use PDFs as their SOPs because it allows them to access the files either electronically or print them out and take them wherever they go.

Newer companies are using video content as their SOPs because what better way to learn how to do a new job than watch a video of someone else doing it.

Old-school companies keep a physical copy of their SOP mailed to them by their parent company in a massive 3-ring binder. This is the way that franchises have been doing it for over a hundred years but is being phased out.

Because an SOP is a living document that frequently needs to be updated as new procedures develop, I always build what I call an Interactive Living SOP on Google Drive. This is as simple as creating individual SOPs for each essential function, then linking them together according to the context.

What I love most about having all my SOPs on Google Drive is that any of my employees can edit them. Every time a CSR solves a new problem for a customer that has never come up before, they log it in the Living CSR SOP and write down how they resolved it. That way, the next time a similar scenario happens, if it’s another CSR who has never encountered that type of problem before, there is already a resolution within our employee knowledge base.

Today, there are many services out there that allow brands to do basically the same thing.

Do what makes the most sense for your brand, the people you work with, and the customers you serve.