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Your Idols & Everyday Events is a collection of short stories, prose and witticisms that follows famous people, musicians, celebrities, historical figures, fictional characters and pop-culture idols from all walks of life on their journey to perform every tasks. For characters like Marie Antoinette, Skrillex, Snoopy, Kanye West, Benjamin Franklin, Philip K. Dick, The Dali Lama, Charlie Sheen and many, many more, the struggle – and the humor – is very real. Every story in this book was created completely at random. First by writing the names of idols on scraps of paper and putting them in one container. Then by writing down everyday events and putting them in a separate container. Finally, an Idol and Everyday Event are paired together at random to create the ultimate meeting of fate in the form of hilarious prose and short stories. This collection of quirky, shameless, and insightful prose retells the brief accounts of the not so important moments in the lives of important people. Your Idols & Everyday Events contains over 50 unique and outrageous shorts such as: The Wizard of Oz Writing a Bad Check Justin Beiber Vacuuming The Dali Lama Washing the Car Ernest Hemingway Praying Snoop Dogg Brushing his Teeth Paris Hilton Taking a Bath Toucan Sam Spring Cleaning Many more side-splitting shorts! The perfect book to read before you drift off to sleep with a smile on your face, Your Idols & Everyday Events provides hours of laughter, is always fun to reread and includes an at-home game to play with your friends. Please leave a review if you enjoyed this book or other books by Ryan Stabile.


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