Weight Loss for New Moms Who Want to be Confident & Look HOT!! Paperback


A Guide for Awesome Moms Who Want to Lose Weight After Childbirth and Look Good (The No Self-Discipline Edition)

It’s common knowledge that the first few months after birth are the most important for a child, but the same is true for the mother. If a woman doesn’t regain confidence in herself and her body after childbirth, she sets a precedent to never make time for herself, which is almost impossible to come back from.

“Why, yes! That is a picture of me on the cover! When was it taken, you ask? Oh, about a month after I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. And yes, while we’re on the subject, I did write this book to help mothers like myself not only lose weight after childbirth, but regain that sexy self-confidence that you had before the pregnancy!”

I understand how busy new moms can get, which is why I put together a concise, no nonsense guide that tells you exactly what you can do to get your body back and build the routines that will keep you looking young and fit for years to come – Even if you’re a procrastinator, like me!

Everyone knows and is secretly jealous of the mom on the block who lost all of her pregnancy weight, and then some. On our block, that mom was me. With your newborn baby in the house, you probably have a lot on your mind and a lot on your to-do list. How in the world will you be able to squeeze “losing baby weight” into your busy schedule so you can squeeze yourself into your bikini from last year?

Breathe easy, beautiful. It’s time to throw away those maternity clothes, because shedding your baby weight and shredding your MILF bod is a lot easier than you think!

This book is different than other “post-pregnancy weight loss” book – For starters, it’s the only one written by a fit mom who knows what works and what doesn’t. But, hey, I understand that self-discipline is easier read than done. That’s why with a few simple lifestyle changes implemented into your daily routine, you’ll be looking better than you did before the pregnancy.


– Allison Eden