The No Nonsense AGILE Guide: How to Implement AGILE for Software Development Companies Who Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Screw Around Paperback


If you’ve heard of Agile project management, but you’re too busy to stop & restructure your organization, then this book is for you!

This hyper-condensed book will give you the concept, tools, and step-by-step guide to implement the Agile methodology into your current workflow without disrupting ongoing projects.

Agile doesn’t need to be hard!

By prioritizing human communication and feedback during each iteration, an Agile development team is able to adapt to change and produce working results fast.

Don’t let your company end up in last place!

Agile is the future, and it’s never too late in the game to invest in efficiency, quality & speed – Especially if your ROI will hundreds of hours of labor that you never realized was being squandered until you implemented Agile framework for your company.

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