The Many Faces of John McAfee Paperback


Biography of an American Hustler (90-Minute Biography Series)

For better or for worse, no one alive can rival the real-life adventures of John McAfee.

John McAfee was many things to many people. Depending on whom you ask, he would be portrayed as either a hero or supervillain.

Here are just a handful of strange-but-true McAfee facts included in this book:

  • Was kicked out of college for having sex in public.
  • As a college dropout, McAfee’s first job was with NASA.
  • Used psychedelics on a daily basis while working at prestigious companies for over a decade.
  • Wrote the first anti-virus software in one day.
  • Encouraged “sex, drugs, and hijinks” at his namesake software company.
  • Bought an island where he built 5 houses for his prostitutes.
  • Faked a heart attack to escape police custody.

There is no question that McAfee lived a full life with no regrets. The world-renowned computer scientist, activist, business leader and cryptocurrency evangelist made himself a career that spans nearly the entire history of computing, all the while keeping his finger on the pulse of emerging technology.

McAfee was a master of writing his own press release and unrivaled when it came to appearing in the media. Throughout his entire adult life, not a month would go by that McAfee didn’t appear in the headlines. This caused a myriad of stories and myths to engulf McAfee and those he surrounded himself with – even more than he intended.

His foray into the business world earn him friends in high places, but the misadventures in his personal life created numerous, powerful enemies, causing him to spend his last few years on the run and always looking over his shoulder.

In this biography, we will separate fact from fiction to discover who the true John McAfee really was while tell his story with no bias.

This is the real John McAfee.


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