The Laws of Persuasion, Manipulation & Influence eBook Bundle


Not unlike the Laws of Physics, the Laws of Persuasion, Manipulation & Influence are all around us.

Our world is built on these laws. Subtle dark psychological tricks are employed by politicians and marketers on a global scale to influence anyone who doesn’t know what to watch out for.

This book will help you to better understand these laws and gives situational examples of how they can be used to influence others. You will also learn:

The principles of influence in dark persuasion psychology that are proven to work on the human brain.

Subtle psychological & emotional manipulation techniques suitable for everyday use.

How to control people’s responses to your yes or no questions through simple body language tricks.

How to defend yourself against marketers using dark methods of persuasion to get you to buy their product.

So much more information that marketers and politicians prefer you didn’t know.


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