Stealth Password Logbook Paperback


What would you do if you lost the passwords and usernames to every single account?

Let’s face it, getting locked out of an account because you forgot the password, email, or username is frustrating, embarrassing, and potentially costly.

Statistically, 78% of will get locked out of at least one account this year after forgetting

The password auto-fill feature on web browsers might make life easier, but they not secure. Everyone needs a backup plan and this password keeper logbook is your insurance policy for potential data breaches, identity theft, and plain old forgetfulness.

Organize your Digital Life in 2022 and get peace of mind for your cyber security

Alphabetical tabs sections for quick easy reference. Unmarked cover to keep the contents and purpose discreet

Additional back pages for Emails, software licenses, hardware, modem, ISP, router and IP address information

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