So You are Thinking About Moving to China (An Expat’s Guide) eBook Bundle


Know before you go – A practical guide to living and finding work in China for travelers, students & entrepreneurs

Whether you’re planning a trip to China just to check it out, to further your studies, pursue an internship, launch a long-term career, or if you plan on living and finding work in China for a few years to see what it’s like, the tools and information in this book is a vital asset to all travelers!

As an American who has lived, studied and worked abroad in China for many years, I understand that moving to a new country can seem intimidating at first, but the benefits of moving and finding work in China are too great to ignore.

Other information in this book includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to obtain a work visa, regardless of your situation.
  • Currency conversions & salary expectation guide.
  • Finding a job tips for expats and professionals.
  • All the info you need to create a realistic budget for your first month living in China.

China also has one of the world’s strongest and fastest growing economies, so for entrepreneurs to completely discount China as a viable place of business is simply foolish. This book also contains the secrets of operating a successful business in China.

The tools and information provided to you in this book will make certain that you are prepared for any amount of time you plan to spend living and working in China.


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