Sexy Games for Couples eBook Bundle


Sex Positions for Couples, Ways to Improve Your Sex Life and Dirty Sexy Games for Couples, Married Couples and Newlyweds

Have you fallen into a routine or rut with your partner? Could you benefit from a better sex life?? Bored during quarantine???

Whether you want to strengthen your relationship or just have a little kinky fun with someone special, Sexy Games for Couples is the solution. In this book, you will learn new positions, explore new sensations, learn about your partner, and build up lust and desire leading up to the most passionate, uninhibited best sex of your life! Who says foreplay is a thing of the past?

“Every couple I know can’t get enough of these original, sexy games. My husband and I wrote this book together over the course of 5 years based on our personal experiences, so we know which sex games work and which ones fall flat. I hope that adult couples, married couples and newlyweds will keep an open mind implement the many intimate, dirty sex games within to strengthen their relationship, or at the very least, just have some kinky fun ;-)” – Allison Eden


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