SEO Skills & Strategies for Small Business Owners eBook Bundle


A DIY Guide for Small Businesses to Conquer their Fear of SEO & Develop a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO Skills & Strategies for Small Business Owners is the only book that will teach you: • The cornerstones of SEO with your business in mind. • How to make all of your products or services easy to find by search engines – and customer! • The best on-page and off-page SEO revealed. • How to avoid getting penalized while using advanced SEO techniques. • Use social media and PPC in order to increase the visibility of your products or services. Regardless of what industry you’re in, having the right SEO skills & strategies is essential for generating leads, finding new customers and increasing sales in your small business on a consistent, long-term basis. Today, SEO is even more important than ever for small business owners. It’s time to conquer your fear of SEO and start using it to your advantage. The algorithm that search engine’s use is always changing, however, there are many constants and SEO principles that stay the never change. We’ll show you how to adapt to SEO so that your company’s website can beat out competitors and survive. Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing SEO as part of your businesses overall digital marketing strategy: • You’ll get more traffic to your website consistently. • You’ll get customers you wouldn’t normally reach. • SEO has a high ROI. • High SEO = high company credibility & visibility. • High SEO = high company visibility. • To beat the competition in sales. • To take your business to the next level today. This isn’t some second-rate, cut-and-paste self-help book for businesses. The author of this book has been helping other businesses reach their goals by optimizing their sites for search engines for years. As an entrepreneur who owns and operates 2 online businesses as well as a non-profit, DIY SEO for small business is one of his passions. Every small business owner has an obligation to their business and to themselves to improve their knowledge of SEO and thereby improve every aspect of their business. What are you waiting for? Conquer your fear of SEO, get an edge on the competition and develop a successful digital marketing strategy.


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