Second Hand Empire eBook Bundle


Thrift Flipping Common Items for Fun and Profit

Learn how to leverage the most effective buying and reselling tools & techniques to date!

This book will challenge everything you think you know about arbitrage reselling. You might have had limited success in reselling items for profit, but until you learn the best tools and techniques for professional thrift flipping, another arbitrage reseller will beat you to the money EVERY TIME!

Learn the right skills & tools to build your Second Hand Empire! Thrift stores like the Salvation Army, yard sales, reselling apps and the numerous local thrift stores in your town list tons of second hand items for sale every day from which you can pick and choose what items to resell for profit. This creates a consistent supply of second hand to earn a sustainable income off of. In this book, we’ll show you:

— Where to consistently find the most common high-dollar items to resell in any city.

— Use today’s hottest second hand reselling apps to get the most value in multiple markets.

— Little known tricks to achieve maximum profits with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more.

— How to establish a relationship with your local thrift stores in order to guarantee you always get the first pick of the best items to resell.

— All of the tools you need to be prepared when you go thrift flipping.

— How to beat other professional resellers to the profits every time by knowing the best times to go thrift flipping.

— When to haggle, which items are worth refurbishing, plus the number one trick for reselling items and much, much more!

Learn from a professional thrift flipper. Before I started writing books, I was making a sustainable income reselling second hand thrift store items for profit. Now I want to pass on my knowledge.

Your first investment in your Second Hand Empire starts with this book. You cannot profit from your arbitrage hand reselling business until you learn all of the best tools and techniques for thrift flipping. Don’t let another thrift flipper beat you to the money – Buy Second Hand Empire!


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