Nocturnal Wonderland: A Guided Dream Journal Notebook with Prompts Paperback


Small 5×8 Nightstand Sized Dream Journal for Men, Women, Kids, Adults


Dream Journals have been linked to distinct benefits & improvements in the human brain, such as:

  • Increases Creativity by forming a daily writing habit.
  • Improves Memory by challenging the writer to finish where their dreams left off.
  • Improves Health & Restfulness by monitoring & recording sleep patterns.
  • Therapeutic for working through past trauma & PTSD
  • Helps set and maintain goals in various areas of life.
  • A fun way to jump-start your brain in the morning!

9/10 people who use a dream journal report getting more deep sleep and wake up feeling more well-rested!

This Nocturnal Wonderland Dream Journal includes writing prompts such as formulated to bring out the science-backed benefits of recording your dreams, such as…

  • What were your thoughts before sleep?
  • What strong emotions did you feel prior to sleep?
  • How much sleep did you get last night?
  • How are you feeling upon awakening?
  • What is your interpretation of your dream?

No dreams? NO PROBLEM!

A recent research study showed that people who started using a dream journal for 10-20 minutes each morning for 30 days reported up to 75% more dreams compared to before they started using a dream journal.

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