Learning From Steve Jobs – His Inventions, His Principles, & Finding Innovation in an Age that Needs It Most Paperback


A 90-Minute Biography

Learning From Steve Jobs offers a different perspective compared to other Steve Jobs biography books.

Diving head-on into the psyche of the Apple founder and technology innovator, we take another look at each of Steve Job’s greatest achievements, his lowest points and hurdles in life, his trademark method for creative problem solving, and how he was able to see opportunity in the face of doubt.

This book is a short chronicle of a man who overcame enormous odds and trusted his instinct, no matter the cost.

This 90-Minute Biography is a perfect read for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of technology innovator Steve Jobs, but doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

This fast & run read includes a breakdown of Steve Job’s teachable attributes.

  • Breakdown of his unique method for problem-solving.
  • When to slow down thinking during brainstorm sessions, when to speed up for peak productivity.
  • Learn the fundamental business practices and principles that were the foundation for Steve Jobs’ success at Apple.

It’s not what you DO as an entrepreneur that matters.

It’s how you REACT.

As our country today tries to pull itself up from the brink of collapse, the world needs innovators now, more than ever!

For entrepreneurs, problem solvers, and tomorrow’s world leaders, there has never been a better time to learn from the magnates of the past for the solutions we need today!

90-Minute Biographies are fast-paced, fun to read and brings fans closer to the entertainers they love. Become an expert on any public figure with the 90-Minute Biographies series from Words Are Swords Publishing.


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