How to Make Money Writing Full Time Paperback


Establishing Life-Long Sills to Find and Keep Work as a Writer

The Ultimate Resource Guide for 10 Jobs $50K Only a Writer Can Do and How to Get One

After years of struggling as a starving writer, I finally unlocked the secret to a lifetime of swapping words for wealth. Now, for the first time ever, I am revealing that secret to readers.

In this book, we’ll discuss 10 different types of jobs that only a writer can do which will guarantee you an income of over $50,000 annually. I’ll give you all of the information and resources you need to establish a career writing as an author, ghostwriter, screenwriter, journalist, translator, copywriter, publicist, editor, teacher and freelance writer.

This is also the only book which includes the ultimate writer’s resource guide that will teach you how to:

•Speed Write

•Speed Read

•Build a Writer’s Portfolio

•Build a Writer’s Website

•Write a Winning Proposal

•Write a Winning Resume

•Find the Best Long-Term Clients

•Get Clients to Come to You

•Overcome Writer’ Block Every Time

•Writer-Specific Productivity Tools

•Writer-Specific Job Resources (This is Where all of the Good Writing Jobs Are Hiding!)

•Lesser Known Writer Essential Skills that will Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

•Much, Much More…

The tips, techniques, and abundance of resources provided in this book will allow anyone with a passion for writing to not only jump-start your career working with words, but establish the cornerstones for an occupation which will last you until the end of your days.

This book will equip writers with the tools and information to not only refine and improve their writing skills, but turns those skills into big bucks while establishing the cornerstones of a life-long career in professional writing. After reading this book, you will never suffer from “starving writer syndrome” again. You will always be able to find work and make money following your passion for writing, no matter what type of writing that may be.

This is the only book for writers that will get you paid no matter what. If you follow the tips and techniques outlined in this book and still cannot make money as a writer, I will pay you twice the amount that you paid for this book!

Follow the advice outlined in this book and I guarantee that you will never find yourself out of work or lacking money ever again, for the words that you have in your head are worth more than any amount of money. Silence may be golden, but words are priceless.

Launch your career as a full-time professional writer today. It’s time to quit your day job and start writing.


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