Homestead Secrets: Turn Your Land into Gold Paperback


A Sustainable Homesteading Guide to Self-Sufficient Living, Gardening, Livestock, Cash Crops & Making the Most Money Out of Your Backyard Homestead

100% sustainable, self-sufficient living. That’s the goal. Enough food for your family to eat and enough money coming in to live comfortably, all without leaving your homestead.

Homestead Secrets is the only homestead book for beginners that’s filled with sustainable DIY projects and put together by a community of real, hard-working veteran homesteaders!

Full of detailed DIY strategies, secrets, and wisdom straight from people who have been making a full-time living with their homestead business for generations. These are the homestead secrets I WISH I knew back when I first started making money on my homestead!

  • Become 100% Self-Sufficient. We will show you how to grow all of the food you’ll ever need make a livable wage from your homestead.
  • Strategic Gardening allows you to plan your produce & become self-sufficient, regardless of how much space you have.
  • Discover Livestock that are inexpensive to keep but can feed your family & make money.
  • Farmer’s Market Hacks to cultivating & selling the holy grail of homestead products at any marketplace.
  • The Homestead Business will walk you through the zoning, laws & regulations every homesteader need to be aware of.
  • The Cash Crop Gardening Strategy is used by professionals to optimize your homestead revenue per each square foot of land!
  • Expand your Homestead Empire with innovative money-making ideas that combine traditional homesteading with modern business.


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