Get Them to Chill the F*ck Out Paperback


A Guide to Stress Management for Parents & Kids

Sure, you love your kids, but let’s be honest – They’re also an endless source of stress & anxiety.

It’s okay. You’re not the only one. In 2020, 84% of parents said that their children were the biggest source of stress in their lives, even more than money.

If you don’t have a healthy way of regularly releasing that built up stress, it will negatively impact not just your psychical & emotional health, but that of your family (starting with the most impressionable ones).

A study on how stress effects the underdeveloped brains of children found that even small amounts of stress caused permanent, irreversible damage to the cerebellum and other parts of the brain.

When you realize how detrimental stress & anxiety are compared to the value of living a stress-free life, the choice seems easy, right? Learning to manage stress in a healthy way will not only spare your children irreparable harm, but it can improve your immune system, prevent illnesses and viruses, improve digestion, improve sleep quality, relieve muscle aches and pains, increase your energy level, increase focus at work and home, and enjoy a better overall quality of life at home.

It only takes a few hours, but will change your family’s life forever.


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