Blood of Legends and the Virus Called Humanity Paperback


When a terrorist bio-weapon strikes a clandestine cloning facility, genetically engineered historical figures come back from the dead – Hungry for blood!

Set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future where surprises lurk around every corner and you never know who you’ll run into – friend, food, or historical figure turned vampire.

  • Will infamous mob boss Lucky Luciano stand a chance against the vampire apocalypse?
  • Will the fearsome Blackbeard the Pirate ever sail the seven seas again?
  • Will homicidal feminist Valerie Solanas fight her way to the top?
  • Will legendary ninja master Hattori Hanzo rescue the love of his life from unspeakable horror?

With steamy vampire romance, riveting fight scenes & guest appearances from the most unlikely of heroes, book one in the Blood of Legends series combines dystopian sci-fi with historical romance in a series that fans of new and old vampire fiction will adore.


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