Blood of Legends and The Union of Damned eBook Bundle


(Book Two in the Blood of Legends Vampire Science Fiction Series)

What do you get when a genetic engineering facility containing clones of obscure historical figures is hit by a terrorist bio-weapon? The icons from history books are made into vampires and turned loose in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future in Blood of Legends!

Picking up exactly where the story left off in Book One, Blood of Legends and the Virus Called Humanity, we follow the stories of Lucky Luciano, Hattori Hanzo and his unlikely human girlfriend, Iris, Bloodbeard the Pirate, Valerie and her twin brother Sol and Zeflan as they all struggle with their own personal demons as well as actual demons in the form of roving bands of murderous vampires lead by shocking history icons.

Who will get turned into a vampire by the end of the book?

Who will fall in love and who just wants a quick fling?

And which two of our heroes will have a fight to the death?

All of this and more in Book Two of Blood of Legends: The Union of the Damned!


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