Blood of Legends and The Shadows of the Past Paperback


The stakes have never been higher…

The clones of Valerie Solanas, Hattori Hanzo, Lucky Luciano and Bloodbeard the Pirate have all joined forces to find a way to stop the tyranny of Sir Francis Galton – But will their collective power be enough to stop a global genocide from happening?

Half of the Earth has been enslaved by the re-animated clone of Lord Galton and his armies. The other half has been infected by a synthetic virus, turning everyone into vampires. Blood of Legends is the ultimate vampire dystopian fiction to feature historical figures.

Will the rag-tag gang of genetically engineered historical figures from the past be enough to save our future? It’s time for a big showdown with Lord Galton in the final book in the Blood of Legends series!


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