All I See are Dollar Signs: The Side Hustle Re-Selling Blueprint eBook Bundle


The Side Hustle Selling Blueprint: Making Money from Hobby to Small Business (2022 Edition)

Making money has never been easier…

“Once you know what to look for, you will never be broke again. You will literally be seeing dollar signs everywhere.”

All I See is Dollar Signs is very different from other reselling & arbitrage books. Bestselling author Steven Matthews takes you through the actionable steps he used to create a $3 million business, including:

  • How to scale your side hustle into a full-time business.
  • A detailed list of stores that have the best items, when to go & how to get items cheaper than anyone else.
  • Where to consistently find the most common high-dollar items to resell in any city.
  • Use cutting-edge reselling apps to save time & get the most value in multiple markets.
  • Which marketplaces to sell different types of items to guarantee maximum profits.
  • Little known tricks to achieve maximum profits with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more.
  • How to establish a relationship with local stores to guarantee the first pick of all the best items to resell.
  • All of the tools you need to be prepared when you go thrift flipping.
  • How to beat other professional resellers to the profits & get your hands on the valuable products before anyone.
  • When to haggle, which items are worth refurbishing, plus the number one trick for reselling items and much more!

The book is a blueprint for those who are just starting out on their money-making journey, people who just want to make a little extra cash doing a fun & easy side hustle, and includes advanced arbitrage strategies for veteran resellers who want to save time and optimize ROI.

If you’re still trading your time for money, you need to stop right now! There is an easier way to a living, and it starts with reading this book.

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