A Very Stephen Colbert Biography eBook Bundle


From Fake News to Real Comedy

Nation, are you ready to hear a story about a man? Not just a man, a devoted satirist god among men. This theater actor turned improve comedian turned full-time method acting satirist is among the most patriotic American in existence. Not because of the silly, high-status dumb-dumb he portrays on TV, but because, through the course of this book, we will see that Colbert is capable of making a difference. By observing his career from the very beginning, we will see that, through his nightly satires of American Politics, Stephen Colbert brought about an authentic change in the way we, the people, do things around here.

This book is your quintessential guide to everything Stephen Colbert. We have amassed a detailed history dating back to the origins of the leader of the Colbert Nation. Follow us as we follow him into the beginnings of his career in comedic satire in Strangers With Candy, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and The Late Show. We will take a look at the Colbert 2008 presidential campaign as well as all of Colbert’s achievements to see just what makes him so good at what he does, including an in-depth analysis of the greatest and longest running performance of our time, the “Stephen Colbert” character. We have also compiled the finest collection of words of wisdom from the mouth of Stephen so that you can quote Colbert all year round.

Nation, it’s time to put on your Stephen Colbert pajamas, cozy up with your Stephen Colbert print comforter with your Stephen Colbert Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and enjoy the greatest American past-time of all: reading about Stephen Colbert.


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