70+ Stress Management Techniques for Children & Parents eBook Bundle


Don’t let stress beat you at parenting – Teach your children these stress management techniques!

Do you want more calm and tranquility in your family life and less chaos? Are you overstressed, unhappy or in need of a change in your home life?

These 70 stress management techniques are just as easy to teach to children as they are for parents to use.

Are your children stressing you out? Kids don’t know what to do when they feel frustrated, have a hard time even identifying stress, and often act out because of this. All children need someone to teach them lifelong stress management techniques.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but through proper stress management techniques, they can effectively prevent stress from becoming a fatal part of their lives. In this book, you will learn

  • How to identify different types of stressors parents commonly face and manage each one with different stress management techniques.
  • A deep dive into the negative and positive effects of managing stress for families.
  • How to leverage positive stress in your household to get stuff done.
  • We will look at all of the places stress comes from in your family and how to fix them holistically.
  • Over 70 quick & easy techniques to manage stress that are so easy, a child can do them.

Enjoy peace of mind with these 70 stress management techniques for children & parents


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