3 Days to Launch, 1,000 Days to Mastery Paperback


The Personal and Business Branding Planner Workbook 2022 Edition

This step-by-step guide for both business & personal brands will take you on an expertly guided journey from the essentials of launching a profitable brand in just 3 days, to building a business that is adored by customers and coveted by industry peers. The Branding Planner and Workbook includes new Action Items each day to guarantee an upward trajectory of steady growth.

BONUS CONTENT includes dozens of time-saving templates & free business tools designed to help brands build faster, find more customers, and outperform the competition. ($10,000 Value!)

From launch to mastery, this branding planner and workbook is a hands-on roadmap that walks readers through every step of the 3 full days it takes to create and launch a brand that’s set up for long-term success. Then, over the next 1,000 days, the branding planner lays out strict guidelines and checkpoints for both businesses and influencers who want to evolve their careers into a personal brand or business brand.

Stop basing your business off of industry standards and start making the industry standard with your brand. Established brands typically charge an average of 25% more for products and services after they work their way up the branding checklist until customers automatically associate their brand with quality.

The 2022 Personal & Business Branding Planner & Workbook also includes…

  • How to find the right words to tell your brand’s origin story, how it incorporates your brand’s values, and the importance of never compromising.
  • How to choose the right logo, colors, and style for your brand that best represents your target audience’s needs.
  • How to attract a highly specific target audience with your brand’s website (and what to do when they get there).
  • The importance of customer service and making every customer interaction a pleasant experience.
  • Find a specific niche within your industry and establish your brand as an authority and expert in the marketplace.
  • Modeled after the branding building strategies used Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, multi-million dollar influencers, and creative marketing companies.
  • Turn your career into a recognizable brand. In this book, you’ll learn the difference and common mistakes.

4 Branding Books in 1. The road for personal branding is different from business branding, which is why this book includes detailed instructions for both merchants who sell physical products as well as service providers in each

  • Business Branding Planner
  • Business Branding Workbook
  • Personal Branding Planner
  • Personal Branding Workbook

The Branding Planner is a step-by-step guide that provides the dos and don’ts of building a brand over the next 1,000 days, along with realistic tasks, timeframes, and checkpoints.

The Branding Workbook allows readers to keep track of their growth and apply branding knowledge to help them succeed.

Stick to the plan and in 1,000 days your company could the next Apple, Nike, or Coca-Cola.


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