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Find and Launch a Profitable Personal Brand in 3 Days

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Find and Launch a Profitable eCommerce Brand in 3 Days

Brand Marketing Masterclass:

Building a 3-Year Growth & Scale Plan


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Introduction to Freelancing:

Growth, Sales & Branding

This robust course is essential for any freelancer, regardless of how long you've been working for yourself or which type of services you provide and includes a variety of exclusive bonus content.

Throughout this course, students will learn how to… 1. Find and retain the best paying clients on any freelance marketplace.

2. Create a job listing for sites like Fiverr that is designed to attract high-end clients with maximum upsell potential.

3. How to compose a winning bid while applying for a freelance job, including gig templates with a 97% success rate.

All students who enroll in this course will also receive a treasure trove of bonus assets that will help give them a competitive advantage on all freelance platforms, such as a complete list of over 100 freelance marketplaces and the services that perform best on each, freelance branding guide, sales and client trackers, and more.

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Freelancer Masterclass:

6-Figure Marketing Strategies

Throughout this course, experienced freelancers will learn a variety of highly-effective sales strategies that can be used in any industry or type of service:

1. Find the best paying jobs on any freelance platform and service marketplace.

2. How to compose a winning bid while applying for a freelance job, including a list of my most successful gig application templates that have a 96% success rate of getting hired for a freelance gig.

3. I will cover specific strategies for Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Legiit, and other P2P service marketplaces for freelancers.

Author's Guide Series

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The Author's Guide to Careers in Writing:

How to Find a Full-Time Writing Job Starting at $50,000

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The Author's Guide to Advertising

The Author's Guide to Planning a Book Launch & Book Tour

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The Author's Guide to Self-Publishing Marketplaces, Book Distribution, eBook Aggregation

This course covers essential information for all new authors (0-3 books), including:

— Understanding the Publishing Industry
— Different Models of Book Publishing
— Self-publishing Marketplaces
— Book distributor vs aggregator
— Distributor & aggregator comparison
— Author royalty comparison
— How to Choose the Best Way to Publish Your Book
— Book Printers
— In-Person Selling Strategies
— Cross-platform Selling Strategies
— Pre-Self-Publishing Checklist

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The Author's Guide to Supercharged Book Metadata Marketing

This course covers essential information for all new authors (0-3 books), including:

— What is book metadata?
— How book retailer's use metadata
— Marketplace-based metadata
— Location-based metadata
— The role of ISBNs
— Keywords per retailer
— Optimizing Categories for each retailer
— Book image metadata
— Optimizing book metadata
— Editing, Proofreading & the Value of Book Quality
— UPCs, Barcodes & QR Codes
— Choosing a Book Title
— Creating a Genre Book Cover
— How to Write a Genre Book Description
— How to Write an Author Bio
— Choosing Book Keywords for each Marketplace
— Choosing the right book categories, BISAC, BIC, THEMA
— Book Pricing Strategies

The Author's Guide to Building a Personal Brand & Author Platform: Essential Tips for Every New Author

This course covers essential information for all new authors (0-3 books), including:

— Author Identity
— Author Brand
— Book Genre & Category
— Author Voice
— Author Visual Style
— Author Style Guide
— Using a Pen Name
— Social Media Marketing for Authors
— Forum marketing for authors
— Author Website Design
— Author Email List Building

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The Author's Guide to Book Marketing & Author Publicity

This course covers many advanced book selling strategies and is recommended only for intermediate to mid-list authors. Topics include:

— Author publicity
— Forum Marketing
— SEO for Author
— Amazon Ads for Authors
— AdWords for Authors
— Facebook Ads for Authors
— KDP Book Sales Strategies
— International Book Sales Strategies
— Backlist Sales Strategies
— Author Bookstore Marketing
— Off-page book marketing
— On-page book marketing
— Bookfunnels
— A Complete List of Every Book Review Strategy
— A Complete List of Every Book Marketing & Sales Strategy
Bonus Content: Author

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The Author's Guide to Essential Skills &


This course teaches all of the essential skills and programs that authors might otherwise outsource.

— Book formatting
— Cover design
— Keyword, category & competitor research
— Editing & proofreading
— Writing Author Bio
— Writing book descriptions
— Essential Programs for Self-Publishing

The Author's Guide to Publicity

This course covers key functions in publicity for authors, including over 5,000 publishing industry contacts to help authors get more publicity for their books. The course topics are:

— Press Releases
— Mainstream Media
— Newspapers
— Magazines
— Radio
— Podcast Appearances
— Author Interviews
— Book Bloggers
— Editorial Reviews
— Guest Posts
— Email Inquiry Templates

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