L.A. Downbeat

L.A. Downbeat – A Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll Murder Mystery

L.A. Downbeat – A Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll Murder Mystery [COMING SOON!]

L.A. Downbeat

To make it in Los Angeles, everyone has a side-hustle…

David Dylan is a renegade music journalist by day and a drug dealer to the music industry underground elite by night.

With an endless supply of free backstage concert tickets and the best drugs money can buy, life is going pretty good for David…

But when a well-known musician dies from an overdose on the cocaine that David sold him the night before he’s to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he’ll do anything to prove his innocence – Even if it means sacrificing his job, relationship and possibly his life.

Is there a serial killer on the loose, murdering the world’s most beloved musicians and making it look like they OD’d? Or has David’s drug-fueled bender warped his sense of reality so much that he can’t see the truth?

Based on true events, LA Downbeat, a Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll Murder Mystery, is a whirlwind tour through LA’s underground music scene coupled with steamy romance and a riveting who-done-it style murder mystery.

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About the Author

From the author of the bestselling series, The Machines that Run on Blood, Ryan Stable brings you a contemporary, urban style murder mystery for fans of Tiffanie Debartolo, L.A. Downbeat seamlessly blends elements of romantic comedy & criminal suspense to unravel true events that occur in modern day Los Angeles.

Ryan Stable once worked as a bi-coastal music journalist for a variety of magazines back when people still read them. While traveling the world to interview musicians, he’s been mugged in an alley, stabbed backstage, shot at in a grocery store, offered every drug under the sun, and “kidnapped” by a Norwegian death metal band who thought they would be able to ransom him. Thankfully, they got tired of him and today he has more than 30 published books in over a hundred countries.

Between writing books and helping authors & entrepreneurs grow their businesses with free tools and resources for authors on his website, Ryan
enjoys hiking with his dog, Cheryl’s Boobs, practicing transcendental meditation and playing Boggle into the wee hours of the night. If you’re ever in

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