Ep. 5 – Further Future, Bob Pittman, Media God & Heroin Addict

Guest: Bob Pittman

Occupation: Full-Time Media God, Part-Time Heroin Addict

Time / Place: Further Future 2016, Indian Burial Ground North of Las Vegas

In this episode of MTMS, we hear from media god, Bob Pittman. Bob is the founder of MTV, and former CEO of AOL, Clear Channel, iHeartRadio, Six Flags Theme Parks, Quantum Media, Century 21 and a whole bunch of other credentials that make Pittman the go-to guy when it comes to talking about the Future of Media, which is what this conversation is about.

The original interview took place at Further Future 2, the second and last music of one of the best festivals in history, which took place on an indian burial ground north of Las Vegas, NV.

I want to apologize in advance – with the imminent release of my new book, LA Downbeat, I’m very short on time this week. Thus, I won’t be crafting a typical hilarious tongue-in-cheek style show notes post. Instead, please enjoy this gallery from Further Future – The best music festival that never existed. (The original Bob Pittman video interview is at the very bottom of this post. Enjoy!)

Here is the original footage of Bob Pittman speaking at Further Future:




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