Ep. 4 – Adventure Club, K-Hole Hoe Down & Borgore’s Broken Nose

Adventure Club 800x600

Guest: Adventure Club

Occupation: Canadian DJ Duo

Time & Place: Electric Zoo New York 2015

In this episode of the Musicians Tell Me Secrets podcast, we see what happens when Tony tries to conducting his first interview from inside a K-hole, we hear the Borgore story that epitomizes the “Me Too” movement, and we’re going to hear from Canadian DJ duo, Adventure Club. Now, I want to apologize for the sound quality during the actual interview clip – I know that it’s not ideal, but I did the best with what I had to make it so you can at least hear the voices of Adventure Club. If only Tony had remembered that he actually has to put the microphone next to someone’s mouth when they’re speaking, we would have had much better audio quality. Consolation: I now have an actual sound engineer to mix and master each podcast before it’s released.

The same goes for the Borgore and G-Eazy attempted interview. The clip below is the entire 5 minutes I was able to get them to sit down with me, but due to the terrible audio quality and the fact that they didn’t actually answer any of my questions we weren’t able to actually use any part of this interview. Instead, I took the opportunity to give Borgore one of the Ultra Vulgar Apparel’s now infamous Slop Tart shirts. They do talk about their music for half a second before going immediately back to talking about the flavor profiles of woman’s assholes. So, this week you get 1.5 interviews. FYI, Borgore gets decked about 4 minutes after we stopped rolling, so I kind of regret cutting the video at that point.

Also, I was able to find a cache of old interviews, many of which we won’t be making into MTMS episodes, so I went ahead and uploaded most of them to our YouTube page with more videos being released throughout the coming weeks, including Flux Pavillion, Laidback Luke, Ferry Corsten, Papa Roach, Beats Antique and many more. You can watch our music festival antics at our YouTube channel here.

Lastly, if you have a crazy story about something that happened to you or your friends at a music festival or concert, I want to hear about it! I’m going to feature some of the best stories in an upcoming podcast, so send me your stories by emailing Info@ryanstabile.com.

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