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Ep. 2 – Is Armin van Buuren child sex trafficking?

Guest: Armin van Buuren.

Occupation: Trance DJ & music producer; Host of the massively popular international radio show, A State of Trance.

Time & Place: Original interview took place in Caesar’s Palace, at the EDMbiz Expo in Las Vegas, the same day as EDC 2016.In this episode of Musicians Tell Me Secrets, I talk to Armin van Buuren at the EDMbiz Expo in Las Vegas during EDC week 2016, similar to last week’s episode featuring Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella, which you can check out here.

Ep. 2 – Is Armin van Buuren involved in child sex trafficking? Musicians Tell Me Secrets

Buuren, may or may not be involved in a child sex trafficking ring. Armin van Buuren talks about the evolution of music, how culture and technology help evolve his style and gives a shout out to some EDM rising stars. Also, Ryan reveals the secret identity of future trap DJ, 1/3 s'more, and probably the worst Batman villain of all time – Marshmello. We find out which musician is voted Most Likely to Get The Rona – All in episode 2 of Musicians Tell Me Secrets. — Support this podcast:

This one is full of fun stories.

I explain how I accidentally date-raped Armin van Buuren – Hey, it was an honest mistake that could have happened to anyone, okay?

Also in this episode, Armin van Buuren talks about the evolution of music and specific genres, how culture and technology help evolve his style, and the last question I ask him is if there are any relatively unknown, independent artists he thinks are on their way to the top. Since this original interview was from 2016, when I re-watched this I was blown away by some of the people he gave a shout out to. Some of them may have completely fallen off the map, but he was spot on with a couple of them.

Below is the full video of the interview with Armin van Buuren that I basically had to bully him into doing by physically dragging him into a random and low-key creepy vacant room at the Caesar’s Palace event space.

See episode 3 in which we unmask Marshmello and learn Jason Hann’s big secret.

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