A Writer’s Guide to Wealth Through Words

A Writer’s Guide to Wealth Through Words

A Writer's Guide to Finding Work in the Highest Paid Jobs for Writers

There are 10 Jobs for Writers in 2022 with an average entry-level salary of $52,000, all of which offer rapid career advancement, with experienced writers earning $150,000+ doing what they love.

In The Writer's Guide to Wealth Through Words, author Ryan Stable compares 2022 salary, job availability, common career paths, skill & education requirements and more for earning top-paid writing jobs, such as:

  • Author Job
  • Ghostwriter
  • Screen Writer
  • Journalist
  • Translator
  • Copywriter
  • Public Relations
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Freelance Writer
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About the Book

Also included in A Writer’s Guide to WEalth Through Words:
– Learn specific career-building strategies & resources for rapid career and pay growth.
– Leverage our list of professional organizations in every industry and start networking with the right people.
– Interviews with veteran writers in each industry give us a glimpse into what a typical lifestyle looks like for the top 5% in each writing occupation.

Wealth Through Words is packed full of priceless contact info, tools, and resources that writers can leverage to start making more money immediately, such as:

  • List of Over 200 websites, magazines, and businesses that Pay Writers for Submissions
  • Complete List of 125 Freelance Writing Marketplaces Ranked by Highest Paying
  • High-Converting Freelance Writing Proposals
  • 2022 Average Freelance Writing Job Rates
  • Learn how to Speed Write & Speed Read
  • Find the Highest Paying, Long-Term Clients
  • How to Upsell & Get Clients to Keep Coming Back
  • Overcome Writer’ Block Every Time
  • Powerful Writing Productivity Tools & Techniques

Readers also get instant access to free downloadable tools for writers:

  • 365 Freelance Writing Sales Tracker
  • Writing Project & Goal Planner
  • 12 Writer’s Resume Templates
  • Hundreds of Premium WordPress Plugins to Build you Professional Writing Portfolio.
  • List of Every International Book Category Code for Authors to Reach International Readers

The combination of knowledge and resources in this book were designed to equip writers with skill and information action to not only jump-start their careers in one of the highest-paying professions today – but guarantees a steady income and complete job security over a lifetime.

Invest in your writing skills, invest in yourself, and launch your career as a full-time professional writer today and start making more money than you ever thought imaginable. Reading this book is the first step.

It’s time to quit your day job and enjoy a life of wealth from words with professional writing full-time.

Series: Writer's Guide, Book 1
Publisher: Swords Are Swords Publishing
Publication Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781956291322
List Price: 19.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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