How to get more Amazon Book Reviews

55+ Creative Strategies for How to Get Amazon Book Reviews

Welcome to the Ultimate List of Ideas & Strategies to Get More Amazon Book Reviews in which we take a look at book review ideas of the past, present, and future. This list focuses on using different techniques to get more reviews for your book. Authors can find a directory of book review websites on the Author Resources page here.

I want to share something today that’s pretty embarrassing. I need to get this off my chest because I know as soon as I come clean, the truth will set me free.

Okay… Here it goes.

When I’m browsing Amazon and come across random products that I would never buy for myself in a zillion years, then I notice that they have well over 50,000 reviews (or more than 100,000 in the case of the Amazon Basics brand products), I get angry. Not like Liam Neeson on a rampage angry, but angry enough to warrant an eye roll or audible sigh.

How to get more Amazon Book Reviews

I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I know that these merchants who have accumulated a staggering number of product reviews on Amazon actually work very hard to achieve such a feat. Because I know exactly how challenging it is, I’d like to applaud these Titans among Amazon Sellers – Really, I would!

…BUT – it still burns me up a little every time I’m reminded that over 380,000 people took time out of their day to leave a review for batteries, but someone who spends a few weeks reading an entire book won’t spend 30 seconds leaving a review for that author.

Authors, remember when getting Amazon book reviews was as simple as asking a few of the many serial-reviewers on Amazon? This used to be the go-to move for book reviews for like, anyone who’s published a book. It used to be that emailing review-addicts right from their Amazon Profile page (yes, if you have an Amazon account, they have created a MySpace-esque profile page for you!) was the holy grail for indie authors.

Although displaying your email publicly was purely optional and there was never any evidence of review-abuse, Amazon keeps making it harder to get into contact with the many people out there who absolutely love leaving thoughtful and well-written reviews.

A quick cursory look around the ‘net yields advice for how to get Amazon book reviews that’s either irrelevant, outdated, or applicable only to authors who already have a sizable following of loyal readers (in which case, see: irrelevant).

The cold, hard truth is that getting Amazon book reviews is a particularly painstaking and time-consuming process for new authors who sometimes need to go the extra mile just to get readers to look at their cover art while scrolling through an endless stream of books.

Thus, over the course of many years, I’ve been compiling this list. Every time I have a creative or innovative idea (or in many cases, a very mundane one) that can help authors get more Amazon book reviews, the list grows. (yes, that means I’ve been selfishly hoarding it for myself during all that time, but not anymore!)

Behold! This is the…

Complete List of Strategies to Get More Amazon Book Reviews

Note that there are literally thousands of websites dedicated to book reviews. A vast majority of these websites are either extremely time-consuming to submit a book, charge the authors for their book review services, or will not result in a book review. (In my experience, a waste of time).
This list focuses on using different strategies and techniques to get more reviews for your book. Authors can find a directory of book review websites on the Author Resources page here.

  1. Ask the reader to leave a review in your book’s frontmatter
  2. Send a few thoughtful emails requesting book reviews
  3. Build an Advanced Reader Copy team.
  4. Contact book bloggers in your book’s genre.
  5. Ask your fellow authors in an author forum, Facebook group, Goodreads, etc…
  6. Just ask your followers on social media directly, duh.
  7. Long-form editorial reviews are awesome and provide an in-depth look into your book that all potential customers should read.  These can be posted anywhere online, but to have an impact on your book sales you’ll should make sure any glowing editorial reviews of your book end up on the book’s sales page via Author Central.
  8. Ask the reader to leave a review in your book’s backmatter.
  9. Share a 1 or 2 star review to your followers. You might be surprised how fired up this gets other readers who liked your book, but were too lazy to leave a review.
  10. Two words. “Soft Incentives”.
  11. Run Facebook ads to find serial book reviewers interested in the book you want reviewed.
  12. Review-swaps are notoriously risky, but they do exist.
  13. Contact people on Goodreads who have read your book and politely ask them to leave a review on Amazon.
  14. Contact people who haven’t read your book on Goodreads and demand they leave a review on Amazon under threats of violence.
  15. No one knows how hard getting book reviews is than your follow authors. Strike up a conversation with them in a Facebook group setting where you can commiserate that fact and see where it goes from there.
  16. Single people out who you know have read your book and peer pressure the crap out of them until they leave you a glowing book review.
  17. Get together a few of the neighborhood kids and start a lemonade stand, only you exchange lemonade for book reviews.
  18. The next time you’re at the dentist or doctor’s office, remember to bring a pair of scissors. Most waiting rooms will have an array of old magazines from which you can cut out letters to create a ransom note that you can send to your next reader after abducting their pet cat.
  19. Add a tasteful or funny review request to the end of your email signature.
  20. Break out your high school yearbooks, do some light internet stalking and mail out formal, handwritten book review requests to your former classmates.
  21. Be careful when paying for book reviews. Be it editorial or purely a product review, once money exchanges hands with the expectation that some nice utterances will be posted about your book online, weird stuff can happen… Like an empty bank account. There are plenty of online services that claim to be able to provide you with 1 glowing 5-star book review in exchange for about $99. 
  22. Here is an idea to get more free amazon book reviews that no one has thought of before – Go to one of those aforementioned paid book review sites and negotiate deferred payments, in which they will continuously leave book reviews until the sales from your book are equal or greater than the cost of their paid book reviews.
  23. Three little words. “Overseas Review Farm”.
  24. I like to include this little Ace up my sleeve into Kindle eBooks. This link brings the reader to an Amazon review page for the last few items they purchased:
  25. Not to be outdone by this doozy, which links directly to Amazon book review page after adding your book’s ASIN to the end of the link: [ASIN OF BOOK TO BE REVIEWED]
  26. When asking for a book review, make it easy for the reader to leave you an Amazon book review no matter what they’re doing. The link in #25 is a good example, but make sure book review requests change for each person, place, and format.
  27. Keep asking people to leave you reviews. All the time, always, and until you are satisfied with the number of reviews you have.
  28. Use the link to your book’s review page in #25 to create QR code that anyone can scan with their phones. This has a thousand and one uses…
  29. Print a thousand copies of your book’s aforementioned review QR code, max-width and full-page. Bring them to the closest downtown area near you, where all the young and technologically adept people hangout (Any Sugarfish will do). Next, use wallpaper adhesive and a paint roller to Banksy them all over the side of a building.
  30. Mail off copies of your paperback or hardcover to formidable book review institutions like Publisher’s Weekly and Barnes & Noble Book Review.
  31. Has your book come down with a bad case of BRS? That’s Bad Review Syndrome, and the only cure… is to re-launch your book and put together a brand new ARC team!
  32. Leverage your book categories to get more Amazon book reviews. This book category list should help.
  33. Don’t forget about Apple Books, Google Books, B&N, Kobo, and other awesome book marketplaces out there!
  34. Niche down by contacting genre-specific and even adjacent genre-specific review sites. If someone is kind enough to take the time and write an editorial review of your book, surely they can leave an Amazon review if you ask nicely.
  35. StoryOrigin was built to help authors get more Amazon book reviews, in addition to many other nifty author tools… Maybe it’s a good place to start?
  36. Book launches and digital book tours usually include some sort of live event on social media, which is yet another opportunity to request more Amazon book reviews.
  37. This is a two-bird, one-stone tip for authors using the same trick bouncers do when they want to get more people to wait in line in front of an empty nightclub. If your book launch includes signings & meet-n-greets at local book stores, chat up each person that comes by and gently suggest that they take a moment to leave a review for your book. Insist that they can’t leave until they show you the completed review. It might take some time for each person to navigate to your book using their phone and leave a review under duress, which should slow things down and help to create a line in front of your book signing table.
  38. KDP Free Book Promotions are an amazing opportunity to get more people to read your book. If you play your cards right, it could become a goldmine of new Amazon book reviews.
  39. Have you signed up for the Advanced Book Marketing Strategies weekly newsletter yet? Well, that’s probably why your book isn’t getting many reviews.
  40. Run signed author copy giveaways, contests & competitions on social media. With a little luck, each free book handed out early on could become a new book review.
  41. Use our Book Front Matter Templates and the Amazon book review will come pouring in,
  42. Offer free or discounted ebooks via reader marketing services (for reviews or book series)
  43. Post the book to Rebate sites (like so people buy the book & leave reviews & you reimburse them.
  44. Start utilizing 100% of the book marketing strategies, author tools, and resources from the Ultimate Author Resources List here.
  45. Want a 100% guaranteed way to get more Amazon book reviews? Simply use our free book review exchange program here.

*This is a living list. New strategies for acquiring Amazon book reviews are added on a regular basis. If you think we missed something or have a book review idea to add to this list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page so we can grow the last and continue to grow a community where authors help other authors.

Naturally, I saved the best piece of advice for last…

When you’ve exhausted your list of people to ask for reviews and still think your book could use a few more, simply go back and ask all of the same people you’ve already asked. #BookReviews

Hear me out – just like in e-commerce marketing how customers rarely make a purchase the first time they see an ad, readers won’t initially review your book after the first ask. If first you don’t succeed – keep asking for book reviews!

How to Get More Amazon Book Reviews – The Bottom Line

Full disclaimer: In the traditional “Ryan-style”, as my friends would call it, this blog post started out very serious, but it quickly got away from me. I never could resist an opportunity to throw a few good jokes into a serious setting.

If you read even half of the many different ways to get more Amazon book reviews listed above then you might have seen a trend or common theme here. Do you see it?

Here it is: No matter how you go about getting more Amazon book reviews, never forget that every single review that you earn for your book comes from one person taking the time to write it. (Well, except for #23).

I realize that’s not the profound, game-changing book review hack that some of you may have been expecting, but meditate on that for a minute.

Author’s win Amazon book reviews one at a time. 95% of book reviews are the result of the author asking the reader directly.

Take a look at the number of reviews your book currently has. Now ask yourself how many people you’ve asked to write a review for that book. There is usually a pretty strong correlation there, and if you’ve already asked a ton of people to leave you a review (in a personal, 1-on-1 setting. Blasting your book review request on social media doesn’t count) and you’re converting anything less than 25% of your 1-on-1 requests into tangible Amazon book reviews, then you might want to consider changing the tone and words you use to ask.

One Last Word of Advice:

If there is one thing authors know, it’s how hard tone can be to convey when talking to another person whom you’ve never met. Try to keep it funny, light, whimsical, and if all else fails, let them know how important book reviews are to you.

Not unlike how a pubescent middle school boy is terrified of being rejected by girls even though he’s never anyone out on a date, many new authors just don’t ask for reviews. Some authors think asking for reviews is degrading, demeaning, and obnoxious, but they wonder why the people who are buying their books don’t all leave reviews.

Don’t be that terrified middle schoolboy. To succeed as an author, as with anything, one must let the world know what they truly desire in their heart. Don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

Keep asking people to leave you reviews. All the time, always, and until you are satisfied with the number of reviews you have. (#27 on the Complete List of Book Review Strategies). That is the secret to getting more #BookReviews

Author Community Question

What is your most effective strategy when it comes to getting more Amazon book reviews?

Historically, where did the majority of your book reviews come from?

If you think we missed something or have a book review idea to add to this list, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page so we can grow the last and continue to grow a community where authors help other authors.