5 Best Free Book Marketing Tools Review

5 Best Free Book Marketing Tools Review

The publishing industry is a rapidly changing environment with new book marketing tools, marketing strategies, and free author tools being released on a regular basis. I’m always on the lookout for new book marketing tools and free book marketing strategies that will make my life easier.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy upon discovering the 5 book marketing tools included in this list.

If you’re like me, you’re an author who spends all day on your laptop. Having these browser extensions installed has been a huge time-saver in many different ways, so I couldn’t wait to share them. It’s time to take your author career to new heights with these 5 best free book marketing tools, apps, and Chrome browser extensions for authors.

5 Best Free Book Marketing Tools, Apps & Browser Extensions – Reviewed

KDP Champ - 5 Best Free Book Marketing Tools Review

1. KDP Champ

KDP Champ Chrome Extension


  • Robust Sales tracking analytics
  • Email notifications for sales & reviews
  • Sales Rank Tracking
  • Royalties vs Amazon fees
  • KENP reads currency conversions
  • Advertising cost vs spend vs net revenue

For a long time, I’ve suspected that Amazon was deleting some of my book reviews before I had a chance to even look at them. Thanks to KDP Champ, I was finally able to prove it! (but that’s a long story for another day)

There are dozens of apps that let Amazon sellers monitor their product reviews. Now KDP authors finally have a way to get notified when they have a new book review. KDP Champ also uses cookies to create beautifully detailed sales and advertising reports above and beyond what KDP offers.

The free app comes with review monitoring for up to 10 books, any more than that and you’ll need to pay for a subscription, which is still very affordable. I have 44 published books, so this was a live-saver for me. For authors with a large backlist, KDP Champ is also great for tracking individual book sales so you can see which titles haven’t been selling and plan your promotions accordingly.

Authors can adjust the frequency of emails based on the volume of sales they receive, add in their local sales tax for more accurate net royalties, and customize pretty much every aspect of book sales analytics and review tracking. KDP Champ is now my go-to app for monthly sales reporting.

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2. Bookching

Chrome Extension Book Organizer For Amazon KDP.


  • Save time calculating your earnings over all countries and currencies.
  • Find the right categories for your books by searching through the category tree.
  • Keep track of your authors and overall numbers like titles live.
  • Download book templates and calculate royalties direct from your dashboard.
  • Set goals for sold books and money earned!

Another one of the best free book marketing tools for authors who have a large backlist, Bookching is a professional dashboard and book bulk uploader for all KDP authors. A massive time-saving browser extension for professional authors, Bookching is the best and fastest way to publish your low content, presale, and backlist books on KDP.

Publish your books by batch creating new books according to your CSV file. Instead of clicking 50 times the same attributes, you only need to choose your files and get notified as soon as the KDP previewer is ready.

Extended dashboard with a lot of useful tools for serious sellers. Maximize your earnings by publishing more books with less clicks. Easy to use, clean layout, no additional software needed, best of all it’s free.

3. KDP SEO Bots

7 Chrome Extension Book Marketing Tools in 1


  • Competition Analyzer
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Deep SEO Scan
  • Niche Predicter
  • Live Data Scrapper for Authors, Reviews & Keywords

One of the most feature-rich free apps out there, KDP SEO Bots does it all. This tool gives you an overview within seconds of all the books published for this keyword. You can analyze the number of reviews, pages, the best seller rank, the price, and the title of the books. The tool makes it very easy for you to see if you want to publish a book for that niche.

Competitive Analyzer book marketing tools gives you an overview within seconds of all the books published for this keyword. You can analyze the amount of reviews, pages, the best seller rank, the price and the title of the books. The tool makes it very easy for you to see if you want to publish a book for that niche.

The keyword Suggestion feature allows you to take advantage of connected keywords, which will be displayed. With these book marketing tools you can easily pick the right keywords for your book and create one big umbrella of keywords for the best possible results.

Deep SEO scan displays connected words to your keyword. This way you can build your description and title based on the right connected keywords. Our Value system gives you an instant overview of all the words and which ones to use.

The Niche Predictor makes it possible for you to run a quick check of the suggested keyword based on the keyword you put in. The Analysis will show you all the relevant books published in that niche within seconds with all the important details.

Export data into spreadsheets and best of all, you don’t even need to have Amazon pulled up to use it.

4. AMZ Suggestion Expander

Chrome Extension for Finding New Keywords


  • Gives a large number of keyword search suggestions
  • Includes keywords before search term
  • Download or export all keyword suggestions

This Chrome extension expands the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar by showing the keywords that Amazon would suggest before and after the keywords you have entered.

Simple and effective.

5. Productor for KDP

Chrome Extension & App for International Sales Overview in KDP


  • Fits right on the KDP dashboard
  • Daily sales in every country
  • Monthly sales in every country
  • Year-to-date-sales in every country

Productor for KDP is a handy little app that expands the sales reporting into a handy banner at the top of the KDP dashboard. No more toggling back and forth between the Reports and Bookshelf!

Okay, so it’s not game-changing, but it’s useful no matter what country you’re in.

Download KDP Productor on Google Play.

Download KDP Productor on iTunes.

And that’s it for this month’s roundup of the best free book marketing tools!

Author Community Question

Share your experience with the book marketing tools you use. What is the #1 go-to book marketing tool that you couldn’t live without?

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